Terms and conditions


These regulations define the rules for making purchases in the online store run by the Seller at www.kolkokrzyzyk.pl

The seller is the company Kółko Krzyżyk Oksana Góralczyk

. with headquarters in Strzeniówka. Registered under the NIP number: 5211041659, REGON: 011488214. Also known as the “Service Provider”.


You can contact the Service Provider by:

– using the e-mail address: office@kolkokrzyzyk.pl

– by phone: 503 729 403 :: (connection cost in accordance with the operator’s tariff)


§ 1 Definitions

Regulations – these regulations. In terms of services provided electronically, the Regulations are the regulations referred to in art. 8 of the Act of July 18, 2002 on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 144, item 1204, as amended).
Customer – a natural person, legal person or organizational unit without legal personality but having legal capacity, which, on the terms set out in these regulations, places an Order in the Online Store.
Consumer – a customer who is a natural person who uses the Online Store for purposes not directly related to its business or professional activity.
Service Provider – an entity providing sales services via the Online Store on the terms set out in these Regulations.
Subject of the transaction – Goods listed and described on the website of the Online Store.
Goods – a movable item, presented in the Online Store, to which the Sales Agreement applies.
Additional service – a service provided by the Service Provider to the Customer outside the Online Store due to the nature of the Goods sold.
Sales Agreement – a contract for the sale of Goods within the meaning of the Civil Code, concluded between the Service Provider and the Customer, using the Store’s website.
Online Store (Store) – a website available at www, through which the Customer may place an Order.
Order – Customer’s declaration of intent clearly specifying the type and quantity of Goods, aimed directly at the conclusion of the Sales Agreement.
ICT system – a set of cooperating IT devices and software, ensuring processing and storage, as well as sending and receiving data via telecommunications networks using a terminal device appropriate for a given type of network.


§ 2 General rules

These Regulations define the rules for using the online store available at …
The condition for placing an Order in the Online Store by the Customer is to read these Regulations and accept its provisions during the implementation of the Order.
Online shop . conducts retail sales via the Internet.
All Goods offered in the store. are brand new, originally packed, free from physical and legal defects, and have been legally placed on the Polish market.
The customer is obliged not to provide content prohibited by law, e.g. content that promotes violence, is defamatory or violates personal rights and other rights of third parties.


§ 3 Placing orders

All prices on the websites are gross prices in Polish zlotys. The prices given do not include shipping costs.
Orders are accepted via the website / by phone / e-mail.
Orders placed via the website can be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year.
The order is effective if the Customer correctly completes the order form and correctly provides contact details, including the exact address to which the Goods are to be sent, as well as telephone number and e-mail address.
In the event that the provided data is not complete, the Seller will contact the Customer. If it is not possible to contact the Customer, the Seller has the right to cancel the Order.
In the process of placing an order, the customer may express the will to receive a fiscal receipt or a VAT invoice, which may be attached to the shipment or sent electronically, to the indicated e-mail address in the form of an electronic image of billing documents, in particular, such as: VAT invoices with attachments, Correcting VAT invoices with attachments and forms. This consent also entitles the Seller to issue and send VAT invoices in electronic form, in accordance with the Ordinance of the Minister of Finance of December 20, 2012 on sending invoices in electronic form, the rules for their storage and the procedure for making them available to the tax authority or tax inspection authority.
When placing the Order, the Customer may consent to the placement of personal data in the database of the Seller’s Online Store for the purpose of processing them in connection with the execution of the Order. In the event of consent, the Customer has the right to inspect his data, correct it and request its removal.
The customer may use the option of remembering his data by the system in order to facilitate the process of placing another Order. For this purpose, the Customer should provide the login and password necessary to access his account. The Customer’s login is the e-mail address provided by him. The password is a sequence of characters set by the Customer. The Customer’s password is not known to the Seller and the Customer is obliged to keep it secret and protect it against unauthorized access by third parties.
After the Customer places an effective order, he will receive an automatic response from the store confirming the receipt of the order.
The time of commencement of the order fulfillment is the moment the payment is credited to the bank account specified in the order confirmation in the case of payment by bank transfer or the moment of placing the order in the case of card payment or selecting the “cash on delivery” option.


§ 4 Costs and shipping date

The goods are sent to the address indicated in the order form or provided by phone or e-mail. The store will inform the customer immediately of an incorrectly completed order form, which prevents or may delay the shipment.
The goods are delivered by specialized courier companies or via the Polish Post. In some cases, it is possible to collect the goods in person at the seller’s premises.
The shipment is delivered in accordance with the date specified for each Product on the website. This is an approximate delivery time and applies to orders with the “cash on delivery” option. When choosing the payment option “bank transfer” or “payment by card or online transfer”, the time of crediting the funds to the store’s bank account (usually 1-2 business days) should be added to the time specified on the website.
The customer is charged for delivery (shipping) specified in the transport price list. The customer can view the price list at any time by clicking on the link “transport price list”.


§ 5 Payment

We issue a receipt or a personal proof of purchase (invoice) for each product sold. Payment for the ordered goods can be made via the electronic payment system (PAYU), by credit card (PAYU) or by traditional transfer to the store’s bank account.


§ 6 Withdrawal from the contract

A consumer who has concluded a distance contract has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving a reason by submitting an appropriate statement in writing, within 10 days (legal basis: Article 7 (1) of the Act of March 2, 2000 on the protection of certain consumer rights and on liability for damage caused by a dangerous product, Journal of Laws No. 22, item 271, as amended). This deadline is a deadline and is counted from the date of delivery of the item, and when the contract concerns the provision of the service – from the date of its conclusion. To meet this deadline, it is enough to send a statement before its expiry to the address of the Service Provider.
In the event of withdrawal from a distance contract, the contract is considered void. What the parties have testified is returned unchanged, unless the change was necessary within the ordinary management.
The return should be made immediately, no later than within 14 days. The purchased goods should be returned to the address of the Service Provider.
Pursuant to the Act, the following are not refundable: the provision of services commenced, with the consent of the Customer, before the deadline referred to in Art. 7 section 1, concerning audio and visual recordings and computer programs saved on media after the Customer has removed their original packaging, contracts for services for which the price or remuneration depends solely on the price movement on the financial market, services with the properties specified by the Customer in the complex by him or her order or closely related to his person, services which, due to their nature, cannot be returned or the subject of which is quickly deteriorating, the supply of the press, services in the field of games and mutual wagering.


§ 7 Complaints procedure

The products have a manufacturer’s, importer’s or seller’s warranty, valid in Poland. The warranty period for each product can be found in its description on the store’s website. Detailed conditions for the implementation of the guarantee are specified in the guarantee form issued by the guarantor. Most of the products have warranties implemented directly by the manufacturers’ authorized service points. The exact addresses of service points can be found on the warranty cards attached to the products and on the manufacturers’ websites. The customer may also carry out a complaint procedure under the Warranty through the Seller.
Complaints should be submitted to the address of the Service Provider.
When submitting a complaint, the advertised product should be delivered to the Service Provider along with a proof of purchase and a completed complaint form, available at:.
The Service Provider will consider the complaint within 14 days from the date of submission of the complaint. In the case of considering the complaint in favor of the customer, the service provider will repair or replace the advertised goods with new, full-fledged goods or return the value of the purchased goods.
If the goods are inconsistent with the contract, the Customer may request to bring them into conformity with the contract by free repair or replacement with a new one, unless repair or replacement is impossible or requires excessive costs. When assessing the excess of costs, the value of the goods in accordance with the contract as well as the type and degree of non-compliance are taken into account. (Act of 27 July 2002 on specific terms of consumer sale and amending the Civil Code).
The customer loses the rights specified in point. 5 of this paragraph, if the shop does not notify the store about this fact within two months from finding the non-compliance of the goods with the contract. To meet the deadline, it is enough to send a notice before its expiry.


§ 8 Polityka prywatności oraz ochrona danych osobowych

  1. 1. Postanowienia ogólne:

    1.1. Firma KÓŁKO KRZYŻYK OKSANA GÓRALCZYKi pełni rolę administratora w myśl rozporządzenia Parlamentu Europejskiego i Rady (UE) 2016/679 z dnia 27.04.2016 r. (dalej nazywane ?RODO?) w sprawie ochrony osób fizycznych w związku z przetwarzaniem danych osobowych i w sprawie swobodnego przepływu takich danych oraz uchylenia dyrektywy 95/46/WE, w odniesieniu do danych osobowych Użytkowników, będących osobami fizycznymi.

    2. Przetwarzanie danych oraz jego zakres:

    Przez przetwarzanie danych rozumie się czynności i operacje wykonywane na danych Użytkowników, w tym przechowywanie, czy analizowanie na potrzeby usług Serwisu.

    2.1. Rejestarcja Konta ? utworzenie Konta może wymagać podania przez Użytkownika następujących danych: imię, nazwisko, data urodzenia, adres korespondencyjny, adres e-mail, numer telefonu, płeć, login, numer rachunku bankowego. Zgodnie z wyborem Użytkownika może on również zamieszczać zdjęcia. W przypadku rejestracji za pośrednictwem zewnętrznej usługi, takiej jak np Facebook Connect, Log in with PayPal, Administrator pozyskuje takie dane jak adres e-mail oraz data urodzenia, wykorzystywane wyłącznie w celu rejestracji/logowania.
    2.2. Zawieranie transakcji ? Administrator, w ramach usług świadczonych przez Serwis, może przetwarzać dane osobowe Użytkowników w celu umożliwienia Kupującemy i Sprzedającemu zawarcia umowy Sprzedaży, przesyłanie wiadomości i komunikowanie się z innymi Użytkownikami. Informacje zawarte w opisach Towarów oraz treść wzajemnych wiadomości pomiędzy stronami Sprzedaży nie pochodzą od Administratora i Administrator nie ponosi za nie odpowiedzialności.
    2.3. Obsługa klienta ? Administrator może przetwarzać dane osobowe Użytkowników kontaktujących się z działem obsługi klienta Serwisu. Dane mogą być niezbędne do prowadzenia komunikacji i mogą być uzupełnione o dane osobowe z Konta Użytkownika.
    2.4. Formularz kontaktu ? Serwis użmożliwia wzajemny kontakt Użytkowników, w szczególności Użytkowników oraz Sprzedających i w jego ramach może gromadzić dane osobowe Użytkowników. Formularz udostępniany jest w celu umożliwienia komunikacji dotyczącej Sprzedaży w Serwisie, zapytań o ofertę i działań zmierzających do zawarcia transakcji w Serwisie. Administrator może analizować i blokować wiadomości niezgodne z przeznaczeniem formularza, w szczególności jeśli mają charakter spamu lub zawierają niedozwolone treści. 
    2.5. Przetwarzanie danych przez stronę WWW ? gdy jest to konieczne do świadczenia usług Użytkownikowi lub stanowi uzasadniony interes Administratora lub podmiotów trzecich, Administrator jest uprawniony do przetwarzania takich danych jak: adres IP Użytkownika, lokalizacja, czas dostępu do Serwisu, adres URL strony poprzednio odwiedzanej przez Użytkownika (referer link), paramerty oprogramowania i sprzętu Użytkownika, numer identyfikacyjny użądzenia mobilnego oraz inne dane dotyczące urządzeń i systemów. Przetwarzanie powyższych informacji następuje podczas korzystania ze strony Serwisu, aplikacji Serwisu oraz usług podmiotów zewnętrznych.
    2.6. Konkursy ? Administrator może przetwarzać dane w celu przeprowadzenia konkursu oraz wyłonienia jego zwycięzców.

    3. Cel przetwarzania danych:

    Dane osobowe Użytkowników przetwarzane są przez Administratora w celu umożliwienia korzystania Użytkownikom z Serwisu, w tym w szczególności wykonywania wymienionych czynności:

    ? zakładanie i zarządzanie Kontem lub Kontami Użytkownika,
    ? umożliwienie pełnego korzystania z Serwisu, w tym dokonywania transakcji,
    ? zapewnianie obsługi Konta i transakcji Użytkownika, w tym rozwiązywanie problemów technicznych,
    ? dostosowywanie wyświetlanych treści we właściwościach Serwisu lub właściwościach usług podmiotów zewnętrznych na podstawie aktywności Uzytkowników,
    ? monitorowanie aktywności wszystkich i konkretnych Użytkowników obejmujące m.in. wyszukiwane słowa kluczowe, zamieszczane Towary oraz zarządzanie ruchem w Serwisie,
    ? kontaktowanie się z Użytkownikami, w tym w celach związanych ze świadczeniem usług, obsługą Użytkownika, dozwolonymi działaniami marketingowymi, poprzez dostępne kanały komunikacji, w szczególności e-mail oraz telefon,
    ? przeprowadzanie badań i analiz Serwisu między innymi pod kątem funkcjonowania platformy, poprawy działania dostępnych usług czy oszacowania głównych zainteresowań i potrzeb odwiedzających,
    ? zapewnienie bezpieczeństwa świadczonych usług drogą elektroniczną, w tym egzekwowanie przestrzegania Regulaminu oraz przeciwdziałanie oszustwom i nadużyciom,
    ? realizacja umów zawartych w ramach umowy sprzedaży z innymi Użytkownikami w Serwisie,
    ? obsługa reklamacji Użytkowników,
    ? dopasowanie reklam zgodnie z uprzednio przeglądanymi treściami,
    ? prowadzenie marketingu bezpośredniego własnych usług Administratora lub usług bądź towarów osób trzecich,
    ? obsługa próśb Użytkowników przekazywanych w szczególności działowi obsługi oraz poprzez formularz kontaktowy,
    ? organizacja programów lojalnościowych, konkursów oraz akcji promocyjnych, w których Użytkownicy mogą wziąć udział,
    ? wykonanie obowiązków wynikających z przepisów prawa, w tym przepisów podatkowych lub rachunkowych,
    ? zapewnienie obsługi usług płatniczych, wykonania płatności prowizji z tytułu transakcji w Serwisie, windykacja należności,
    ? prowadzenie postępowań sądowych, arbitrażowych i mediacyjnych,
    ? statystycznych,
    ? księgowych,
    ? archiwizacyjnych,
    ? zapewnienie rozliczalności.

    4. Data sharing
    4.1. The Administrator, after obtaining the User’s prior consent, may share Users’ personal data with other websites operated by the Administrator.
    4.2. In the event of restructuring, sale / transfer of property in part or in full to a new owner, Users’ personal data may be transferred to the new owner in order to ensure the continuation of the Website’s services.
    4.3. The administrator does not transfer personal data to third parties, except for:
    – the need to disclose information about the User to public authorities, in the fight against fraud and abuse, proceedings related to violation of the law and combating violations of the Regulations.
    – cooperating entities, such as: analytical service providers, data storage, retargeting, affiliate networks, logistic operators. In this case, these entities are not authorized to use the data on their behalf and only for the Administrator and the Website
    4.4. The Administrator may provide third parties with data in an anonymised form, which do not identify specific Users, and serve to improve the displayed content on the Website, adjust advertisements and reach Users outside the Website.
    4.5 The Seller, after obtaining the Buyer’s data from the Administrator, is obliged to fulfill all obligations towards the Buyer resulting from this regulation and other legal provisions, including ensuring that they exercise their rights under the Regulation.

    5. Users’ rights

    5.1. Each User has the right to:
    – access to their personal data – the User may request the Administrator to provide a catalog of personal data processed about himself,
    – objection to data profiling – the User may request the Administrator to disable the profiling (personalization) of the Website’s offer and related marketing activities,
    – rectification, deletion or limitation of processing, data transfer, lodging a complaint to the supervisory body and the right to withdraw consent at any time without affecting the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal

    In the event of exercising the right to access your personal data, rectification, deletion, limitation of processing, objecting to their processing, requesting data transfer or not being subject to a decision based solely on automated data processing – without undue delay, no later than on time one month from the receipt of the request, information will be provided about the actions taken in connection with the User’s request. The implementation of the data transfer request is free of charge, however, in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR, the Administrator may charge a reasonable fee for providing the data subject or refuse to exercise the right in the event of:
    – request another copy of the personal data subject to processing,
    – manifestly unjustified demands,
    – excessive demands, in particular because of their persistent nature.
    The amount of the charged fee, referred to above, will be determined individually, will be reasonable and its amount will take into account the administrative costs of providing information, communication or taking the requested actions that the Administrator had to bear.

    5.2. Providing data by the User is a contractual requirement. If the User does not provide the required personal data, selected Website functionalities may not be available to the User (e.g. registration, placing orders).

    5.3. The User may contact the person supervising the processing of personal data by the Administrator by e-mail at the following e-mail address: OFFICE@KOLKOKRZYZYK.PL

    6. Data security:
    The data administrator takes care of the security of the shared data. These data are particularly protected and secured against unauthorized access. Communication between the Website and Users is secured by the SSL encryption protocol on pages containing personal data.

    7. Others
    7.1 The Administrator undertakes to store the entrusted personal data of the Users until they withdraw their consent or raise an objection. After the consent is revoked, for a period of time corresponding to the period of limitation of claims that may be raised by the data controller and which may be raised against the data controller.

§ 9 Final provisions

In matters not covered by these Regulations, the provisions of the Act of March 2, 2000 on the protection of certain consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product (Journal of Laws of 2000, No. 22, item 271, as amended), the Act of 27 July 2002 on special conditions of consumer sales and amending the Civil Code (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 141, item 1176, as amended), the Act of April 23, 1964 – Civil Code (Journal of Laws of 1964, No. 16, item 93 as amended).
Disputes arising from the application of these Regulations and in connection with the performance of contracts concluded between the Store and Customers, will be considered by the competent court according to the provisions on material and local jurisdiction in accordance with the Act of November 17, 1964, Code of Civil Procedure (Journal of Laws No. 43, item 296 as amended).